Professional Counter Top Maintenance

Travertine , while included among the most attractive of the natural stone options, can be finicky when it comes to proper care.  Proper cleaning and regular professional check ups, along with professional resealings, are very important for the long term maintenance of travertine countertops.

One critical item that must be done is cleaning up spills as swiftly as possible..  This step is critical for lifelong upkeep.  This is very important when you are dealing with acidic fluid (for example, grapefruit juice).  Travertine’s chemical make up is rapidly dissolved by acidic items, putting in danger its natural beauty in addition to its structural integrity.  The stone’s porosity allows fluids to penetrate which allows acidic liquid to damage the stone from the inside.  The porousness and liquid penetration permits the stone to be stained easily.  Cranberry juice can dye the surface even if it is only in contact the surface for a few moments.  Therefore, cleaning spills is critical for long term care of travertine countertops.

In addition to a quick response to spills, routine cleaning must also be a part of your maintenance routine. Once a week at a minimum, you should dust and clean the surface. Wipe down your countertop with a soft rag or sponge to remove any large dirt or dust that has accumulated.  Since travertine is considered a soft stone, dirt can easily scratch the surface.  So you should be gentle with the dusting.  With a hot moist cloth, wipe down the surface  Ensure you have removed all caked on food or fluid (if you have been vigilant about cleaning your messes, there should be no problems.  Once this is complete, you should clean your counter top with a cleaner specially made for travertine.  These are cleaners that do not bleach, vinegar, citrus, ammonia or any other harsh chemicals.  Prior to using any cleaning chemicals, make sure you verify the ingredients to insure they are safe for your countertops.

About once per year, a countertop professional should examine your travertine countertops.  The professional’s knowledge will resolve any issues and fix all damaged areas.  The professional may also recommend resealing.  This simply means reapplying a sealant which acts as a barrier to any substance which might cause harm to your countertops.